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8m x 30m Single Tunnel

Manufactured from 43mm OD galvanised pipe the frame is supplied in D.I.Y Kit form using galvanised split compression fittings, or installed onsite by our trained staff. The posts are cemented into the ground, however it can be dismantled for relocation if necessary. The frame includes double doors and a large vent at the ends. The cover is Plastic (180um opaque film), Shadecloth or Quarantine Mesh. Extra structural bracing for sites exposed to high winds are included as standard, rollup side vents are optional extras.

There are four sizes available off the shelf, however we also offer made to measure sizes for those large or awkward areas.

All units include locking strips over each end and assume plastic will be buried along the sides. Ends are standard in Polyflute Horticultural grade, can be optioned up to be Polycarbonate.

To protect the plastic from chaffing and heat exposure on the framework, Frameguard tape (adhesive backed felt tape) is included for tunnels covered in plastic as standard.

Standard sizes available

  • 11.9m x 8m
  • 17.8m x 8m
  • 23.8m x 8m
  • 29.7m x 8m
  • 29.7m x 8m


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